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Contribute for Polpettas magazine, based on the theme "last night"- usage rights requested by Giunti editore.

Illustrated Calendar

Cover for an illustrated calendar, a project based on the most beautiful places in northern Garda Lake Italy Artdirection: Francesco della Torre

Creative house

My illustration for the “KREATIVE HAUS” project: THE CREATIVE HOUSE From 1st auf january to 31st of December 2016 every week artists

Editorial illustration for REDBOOK

Editorial illustrations for Rebook magazine, about useful time-saving tips.

Coloured shaving foam

Here is my first animated illustration! for a multiple owners project for a coloured shaving cream! link: BEHANCE Thanks to Patrick Dufour.


Editorial illustration titled “Inquiring” This print is available on Society6    


Editorial illustration titled “Swinging” This print is available on ARTSIDER


Editorial illustration for WWD magazine (copyright WWD).


Editorial illustration for Realsimple magazine (Copyright Realsimple).