I was born in Brescia, Italy, in 1978, but now I live in the center of Italy.

I started drawing when I was a child, continually looking for ideas that would increase my imagination. After graduation at the Art School, I started working as Graphic Designer in several fields, such as Toys, Apparel, Communication…

Nevertheless the illustration has always been my dream in a drawer, that’s why one day I decided to apply completely myself to this art as a freelance.

I create covers for Italian and foreign publishers, e.g. Pan Mcmillan, Suhrkamp, Gestalten, Einaudi, Feltrinelli, Mondadori. I also work for important communication agencies and Science, Psychology, Wellness magazines, such as WWD, Oprah magazine, New Scientist, The Observer/The Guardian, John Hopkins, Variety and much more.

My illustrations belong to conceptual or surrealist art and my style is mainly minimal and narrative. I use chromatic contrasts and rarefied atmospheres to compose oneiric scenes. I always try to give a positive, playful vision.

In my spare time I love reading books, traveling, riding my old motorcycle and go swimming – themes that often inspire me for my illustrations.